Fat Loss Goal – 2019

My fat loss goal for 2019 is to go from an obese body fat percentage to a healthy body fat percentage of 23%.  I have measured my beginning body fat percentage utilizing the app BVI pro.  You can check it out here.
The BVI Pro App is not full proof, but it is the cheapest way that I have found to get a more accurate depiction of body fat percentages.

Fat Loss Goal – My BVI Pro Results

  • Abdominal Volume – 18%
  • Body Volume Indicator – 20
  • Body Fat Percentage – 43%
  • BMI – 40.7
  • Viceral Fat – 11 lbs

Habits I Will Incorporate to Assist in Reaching My Goal

  • Eat only real food, absolutely no packaged food items.
  • Get 100% of nutrients daily by recording food intake into Cronometer App.
  • TRE – Time restricted eating or Intermittent Fasting.  Only eat between noon and 8 PM daily.
  • Start every day with a stretching routine
  • Incorporate Four 30 day physical challenges into a daily workout routine
  • Abs Workout on Monday
  • Lower Body Workout on Wednesday
  • Upper Body Workout on Friday
  • Full Body Workout on Saturday
  • Cardio drill six days a week taking Sunday’s off
  • 10,000 steps EVERY day
  • Walk dogs EVERY day

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